Thriller 101

Season 3 Preview & 2023 Resolutions

January 03, 2023 David Season 3 Episode 0
Thriller 101
Season 3 Preview & 2023 Resolutions
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Happy New Year! I know I've been sporadic about publishing during the last few months. So I wanted to explain WHY and then make a New Year's resolution that pertains to you. 

But first I want to just say thank you. You've all been amazing about supporting me. 

You've connected with me on Twitter. You've rated and reviewed the podcast and recommended it to writing friends. I can't thank you enough for all that.

But what today is about is about 2023 and what that holds for Writerly Lifestyle. This one is going to be short and to the point!

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Season 3 Preview & 2023 Resolutions

David Gwyn: [00:00:00] Happy new year. I know I've been sporadic about publishing during the last few months. So I wanted to explain why and then make a new year's resolution that pertains to you. But first I want to just say thank you. You've all been amazing about supporting me. You've connected with me on Twitter. You've rated and reviewed the podcast, recommended it to writing friends and I can't thank you enough for all that. 

But what today is about is about 2023 and what that holds for writerly lifestyle. This one is going to be short and to the point, and then I'll catch you again on Thursday for the five minute writers series. And then again, next week for our first interview of 2023, which I'm so excited about. If you're new here, I'm David Gwyn, a writer, querying, a finished manuscript, writing a new project 

and trying to navigate the world of traditional publishing along the way. During this new season of the podcast, I'm asking agents, book, coaches, and authors about the best way to write a novel. If you want the experts secrets, this is where you're going to find them. So let's talk about what's coming [00:01:00] this year. First for the podcast. I'm going to give you one episode per week minimum, there are going to be some bonus episodes, which I'll talk about in a minute. 

But if you subscribe, you'll get notified when these episodes drop. 

So there's going to be one solo episode like this one, except kind of, not at all like this. Because instead of doing what I'm doing right now, I'm going to break down writing skill or a technique or some other writing tip. I want to do some deep dives into a particular story, evaluate some opening scenes, dialogue, and query letters . 

I'm doing this to help us both become better writers. So that's going to be fun and new for 2023. 

The other episodes will be interviews with authors, agents and other industry professionals. 

I'm really excited about what's coming in 2023. Honestly, you really should subscribe if you haven't already. It's an exciting couple of months and that's all I'm going to say. You're also going to get bonus episodes periodically. These will be when I record my five minute writers series. You're looking at [00:02:00] realistically two of those per month, 

but if you're signed up for five minute writer link in the description, you'll get even more brief writing tips. Sent straight to your inbox. 

And if you sign up now, you're also going to get access to some of the previous five minute writer articles right now. So don't waste another second. There's some good stuff in there. 

If you check out the regular lifestyle website, you'll notice there are always at least two text-based interviews every month. I love doing these and I have some exciting ones coming up in the next few months. You really don't want to miss that. And if you didn't know, they're there. Definitely go check those out because of some really good stuff in there. 

Last, if you're interested in writing an article for writerly, maybe you want to boost your writing resume because you're about to start querying or you want to promote your book. Hit me up. Email me at and send me your pitch. And that's it. That's what's going to be happening with writerly lifestyle during 2023. 

If you're as serious as I am about writing this year, then you really should be following [00:03:00] along. And the best way to do this is to sign up for five minute writer and subscribe to the podcast. We're going to do this thing together. Are you ready? 'cause I'm ready. I'll see you next week. In the meantime, here's some of our best lines from 2022 to hold you over until the next season starts next week. I'll see you then. ' 

Bryan Young: No matter how original or different you think you are, that whatever niche you find yourself writing in or working in, somebody's gonna respond to that. And I think, that's that's why you have artists that can be these like cold hits because you don't actually need all that many people to care about what you're doing in order to make a living. 

Katherine Ramsland: Well, it's about entertainment and so yes. Reality isn't always entertaining and there is a way to, to use it. Like you put it, it's almost like you put a skin over it, right? You want the base of it, you want, you want the body of it to. To feel real, to feel authentic, but at the same time, you know, you gotta dress it up.

Jessica Payne: So as [00:04:00] far as successfully launching a book, one thing that I. I studied what self-published authors do. I'm not a self-published author, but I have a lot of respect for them, and I wanted to know what they did because that to me is what I could do to bolster my publisher's efforts.

Josh Stallings: That's a good question. Cause I'm really questioning what does it mean anymore? I, I really am, I'm questioning what is crime fiction? Why I chose it in the beginning was, and I wrote three very hard boiled novels, was because it was what I was reading, and as a dyslexic, I fell in love with really short, punchy books.

As an ex criminal coming out of kind of the dark side of the world as a young man, they spoke to me. There were books that spoke to my life.

Rob Hart: The work gets done or it doesn't, as long as it gets done, you're fine. You, you don't need to set yourself these sort of arbitrary goal posts. And I, I don't like when writing advice becomes an impediment or like self-defeating. Everyone's process is different. To a large degree, I'm still learning my process.

Emmy Nordstrom Higdon: I almost guarantee you [00:05:00] that like, if you can be the weirdest thing in my inbox at any given time, like that's the thing that's gonna get looked at first. So yeah, I often tell people like, if yours is the most unique thing that I'm the agent that you would like to send it to because I will look at it, I promise. 

Bianca Marais: There were times in a scene where I lost track of who the hell's head I was supposed to be in, or perhaps I wrote the scene from the wrong person's perspective. And I had to go back to the drawing board and say, okay, who's.

Got the highest stakes in the scene. 

Chantelle Aimée Osman: Being a writer, as opposed to just, you know, waiting for that one thing to hit, but also talking about practical things like career trajectory, how to find an agent, what you need in an agent, the pros and cons. There are, you know, it's wonderful. If you get a six-figure deal from a big publisher. But there are also pitfalls that come along with that, that I don't think people think about.